The PRECISION PREDICT project (2020-2022) is led by Institut Curie (Thoracic Oncology Department, Data Department, and LITO) and funded as part of the Health Data Hub call related to the "Improvement of medical diagnosis through the use of Artificial Intelligence". 

 Together with 8 other Cancer Centers in France, the goal is to create a large database of clinical and radiological images (PET/CT and CT scans) data in patients with lung cancer associated with an EGFR mutation and treated with targeted therapy (Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors). Using this database, our aim is to better understand the observed variety of response to the treatment among patients, and to try predict, for each individual patient, whether he/she will benefit or not from the treatment and for how long. 

People involved in the lab : Hervé Brisse, Toulsie Ramtohul, Marie Luporsi, Fanny Orlhac (co-responsible), Irène Buvat (co-responsible).