You will find below the list of the laboratory's equipment.


PETtrace 800 16.5 MeV (GE Healthcare)

C11 et F18 synthesizer

AllinOne  (Trasis)

Radiometal synthesizer  Mini AllinOne (Trasis)
HPLC  Acquity UPLC® H-Class system (Waters)
HPLC  Acquity UPLC® Tunable UV detector (Waters)
GC QC  GC system 7890B (Agilent)
GC QC  Headspace sampler 7697A (Agilent)
Radio HPLC  Flow-RAM (Lablogic)
Radio TLC  MiniGITA (Elysia Raytest)
Dose calibrator  Isomed 2010 (MED)
Gamma counter

AMG (Hidex)

Beta counter

300 SL (Hidex)

PET/CT scanners

Biograph Vision (Siemens)

Vereos (Philips)