You will find below the list of the laboratory's equipment.

Cyclotron biomédical

PETtrace 800 16.5 MeV (GE Healthcare)

Automates de synthèse C11 et F18

AllinOne  (Trasis)

Automate de synthèse radiométaux  Mini AllinOne (Trasis)
HPLC  Acquity UPLC® H-Class system (Waters)
HPLC  Acquity UPLC® Tunable UV detector (Waters)
GC QC  GC system 7890B (Agilent)
GC QC  Headspace sampler 7697A (Agilent)
Radio HPLC  Flow-RAM (Lablogic)
Radio TLC  MiniGITA (Elysia Raytest)
Calibrateur dose  Isomed 2010 (MED)
Compteur Gamma

AMG (Hidex)

Compteur Beta

300 SL (Hidex)

PET/CT scanners

Discovery D710 (GE Healthcare)

Vereos (Philips)