M2 trainees at the LITO laboratory

What is your background?

After the baccalaureate, I joined the Institut Polytechnique des Sciences Avancés (IPSA). I did 2 years of integrated preparation and then 3 years in the engineering curriculum. The first two years were mainly devoted to teaching mathematics and physics, as well as an introduction to aeronautics. I did my apprenticeship at the RATP. During this third year, I chose the System major (programming, electronics, embedded systems, telecommunications). During the 4th year, I focused on telecommunication and I discovered machine learning/deep learning through mini-projects. My last year was focused on machine learning, deep learning, data science and cyber security. My final year project was on the prediction of Beta half-lives using a deep learning model.

What is your internship topic?

My objective is to determine the histological subtype of lung lesions from radiomic indexes derived from MRI images using LIFEx software. The measurement of these indices could help the doctor in the management of the patient. I took the opportunity of this internship to discover medical image analysis and I was particularly motivated by this application in oncology thanks to my mother who works in this field.

What are your plans?

Initially, I hope to validate my year. For the future, my ideas are not yet decided, I could continue with a thesis or go into working life, carpe diem!

If you were an animal?

I would be a tiger. It's my Asian sign and I find this animal particularly beautiful.

If you were an object?

I would be a lamp to light up the darkness.

If you were an imaging modality?

I would be ultrasound, a non-invasive technique that is very useful in everyday life.

If you were a superhero?

I would be Iron Man for all his gadgets.