M2 trainee at the LITO laboratory

What is your background?

After the baccalaureate, I did a double degree in Life Sciences and Computer Science, thanks to which I was able to acquire knowledge in these two fields. Then, I decided to specialise in a field that combined the two by taking a M1 in Bioinformatics and Biostatistics. I then chose to follow an M2 in Analysis, Modelling and Engineering of Biological and Medical Information in which I was able to tackle new subjects and undertake different projects, some of which were in medical data analysis.

What is your internship subject?

The internship I am currently doing at the LITO concerns the analysis of MRI data from patients with retinoblastoma, a rare paediatric tumour. The aim is to exploit these imaging data to better characterise this disease. In the longer term, the aim is to distinguish molecular subtypes in order to propose a more targeted treatment to patients.

What are your plans?

I would like to continue in this vast field of medical data analysis, which I am particularly interested in because it could help improve patient care. I would therefore like to complete my studies with a thesis in order to work in R&D in the health industry later on.

If you were an animal?

I would be a bird ... I haven't decided which one yet, but I like the freedom they have to fly around as much as they want.

If you were an object?

I would be a bursar because it's much more practical than people think.

If you were a country?

I would be Iceland, a fascinating country with extreme wilderness.

If you were an imaging modality?

I would be Magnetic Resonance Imaging because it is non-irradiating.