M2 trainee at the LITO laboratory

What is your background?

After the baccalaureate, I did a degree in physics and applications. During these 3 years, I was interested in the engineering profession and artificial intelligence, which is why at the end of my degree I joined Telecom Physique Strasbourg to follow a general engineering course. This allowed me to acquire knowledge in physics, electronics, embedded systems and computer science. In the second semester of the second year, I specialised in data science and was able to develop skills in machine learning and deep learning applied to the processing of different types of data (signal processing, image processing, etc.) and work on various projects (facial recognition, NLP applied to jurisprudence, etc.).

What is your internship subject?

My internship concerns the analysis of vocal cord movement measured by dynamic laryngeal ultrasound and is part of a hospital clinical research programme (PHRC VOCALE) which aims to show the contribution of dynamic laryngeal ultrasound to detect cases of vocal cord paralysis.
The objective of this project is to associate with each translaryngeal ultrasound examination an automatic system for measuring vocal cord movement, which will make it possible to diagnose possible vocal cord paralysis.

What are your plans?

I'm going to do an MBA at the beginning of the school year to acquire a dual competence in engineering and management and then launch myself into working life.

If you were an animal?

I would be a butterfly. It inspires me to evolve and to be free.

If you were an object?

I would be a window, it lets the light in and connects the outside world to the inside world.

If you were a superhero?

a mixture of wonder woman and deadpool!